It is safe to say that communication is pivotal to interaction. This could be across a written or spoken form. It could be posturing yourself, making eye contact, speaking with others, and more. Whatever you struggle with, this is the form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which will help you the most.

Here are some ways that you can improve your ability to communicate:

Join a group

There are several groups out there dedicated to the art of making speeches. Toastmasters, for example, is a large one. You learn to give effective speeches, which is a powerful skill. You learn how to communicate ideas efficiently and powerfully.

Learn to Read People

There are a few different ways you can quickly read people. Cold reading is popular. This is the act of stereotyping people, essentially, but in a vastly more effective way. This helps you start understanding personality types and how they might need to be communicated to. Picking up a book on body language or reading some articles on it are both great ideas.

Take a Class

There are plenty of community colleges where you can take a public speaking class. This does not just involve lectures. Public speaking classes will always have you giving regular speeches to the class. This builds your confidence and increases your self-esteem as a result.

Have you ever tracked your moods? This is something many therapists and psychologists will ask you to do. A relation of mine, working at SEO Leeds told me that thought records have the same idea- they just track negative thought patterns. The best way to do this is to keep a small journal or notepad on you so that you can practice it on the go. It is best done at the moment.

Here are a few ways to keep a journal:

Bullet Journaling

This is a recent bandwagon that people have been jumping on. It is a largely flexible way of detailing your past, present, and future. Although mostly free-form, there is a general rhyme and rhythm to the style. Each one has an index page that is numbered according to the entries. There are plenty of beautiful examples out there of this method of keeping track of life.

You can input a page just for positive affirmations and jotting down your most common negative thoughts, and the counter thought. There is a slew of different ways to keep track of things! Although there are a few rules to follow, once you get into the flow of things, it should be easy.


An age-old way of keeping track of your days, a diary serves more of a purpose than just for teenage girls writing about their latest crushes. In fact, it is a great way to track your moods and practice positive affirmations. You could even use it to keep track of thought patterns during the day, and then write an entry detailing your day before bed.


Get a journal, and do free-form! Write down whatever you are inspired to write. Doodle if you want to! It is totally up to you. Just make sure that you are using it throughout the day for thought tracking. Besides that, you can do whatever you want.


The bane of every high school student, a daily planner suits the purpose fantastically. There are a few of them which have positive affirmations built-in. These are a good visual reminder of using this self-soothing method throughout the day. Make sure you buy one which has a few blank places at the front or the back. You can write down negative thoughts and counter them in this area.

In the other areas? Keep track of your daily life! Use it to plan positive activities, to write down reminders, to track your meals. These are all things that can help you tame your anxiety and reign in your depression.